Lovely Lincoln

We really enjoyed presenting my ‘Enter the World of Jane Austen – Regency Costume Talk with Display’ for Lincoln WI last Monday.

We arrived in Washborough near Lincoln early evening and were welcomed in to the lovely Community Centre.  It is nice red brick building with a beautiful hall with a large stage and excellent facilities – a perfect location for my event.

With the assistance of my son James I presented my Regency Costume Talk. It was the first time I asked him to assist with the presentation however he did an excellent job!

The event was also filmed – I will be including a short video of the highlights as soon as it is available.

I presented a very interesting, lively, humorous and informative lecture about the design and construction of gowns I have created inspired by the Regency period. Beautifully costumed mannequins/dummies accompanied my talk.

Included were an exquisite gold-encrusted court gown inspired by Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. A very pretty white cotton afternoon dress for Jane Austen worn with bonnet, chemisette and velvet spencer . Also included was a sumptuous lilac silk ball gown embellished with gold lace – worn with a turban, fan and gloves – a perfect outfit fit for the Netherfield Ball! Underwear and accessories I designed were also be included.

The photographs included on this post are courtesy of Dave Foster – thank you Dave.

The audience really enjoyed my talk and asked several very interesting questions afterwards – so thought you may like to hear them plus my answers.

Were the regency corsets comfortable to wear

I have worn the short stays corset which was included in my display. When wearing my white cotton Regency Gown it gave the correct period line – when I wore this dress with my modern bra – it didn’t fit at all!  The corset it very comfortable and has gussets designed to cup the breasts.  It was the first time that there was shaping provided for the breast – in fact the corsets of this time were the forerunner of the modern bra we wear today!

Where did I buy my Lilac trimming for my Lilac Silk Evening Gown

I bought the lovely wide lilac trimming on Etsy. Etsy is an excellent online supplier for trimmings and haberdashery – I would also recommend ‘Tiny Trimmings’ they have very reasonable prices, fast delivery (usually next day) and have an excellent range of small trimmings. I recently used them for a pink/metallic trim on my new pink Marie Antoinette Gown. As I needed 25 metres for the gown I needed a good price! 

Did I sew on the metallic spangles and braid on my beautiful burgundy velvet overgown for Empress Josephine

In this case I did not decorate the velvet as the fabric was already embellished.  The fabric was from ‘Dainty Supplies’ in Washington Tyne and Wear.  It was a fairly cheap theatrical fabric and wasn’t particularly well finished off so I lined it in heavy purple satin to give it a heavy luxurious feel plus the colour purple was only worn by royalty so it was the perfect lining for a robe worn by an Empress of France.

I always include a Regency Bonnet in my display and am happy to present my ‘make in regency bonnet’ 60 second tutorial which always proves a success.  In line with the bonnet theme  I was also asked to judge the Lincoln WI Easter Bonnet competition after my talk – I have to say the entries were all so good it was extremely really difficult to find a winner.

I would like to thank Sheila and the other lovely ladies for all their help and support in making my talk such a success. Thank you again for the cake, Jamie and Dave said it was beautiful. We certainly enjoyed presenting our talk.  

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