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Why book us 

Because at ‘Julia Renaissance Costumes’ I create fabulous Historical Costumes with masks, headdresses,jewellery and underwear.  I have a BA (Hons) Theatre Design.  We are located 10 miles north of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

We have had a very successful 2015 and have pleasure in offering the following events for 2016 – 

Dress to Impress  – Costumes for Kings and Queens – Tudor Costume Talk/Lecture – a very interesting, lively and informative talk about the design/construction and inspiration for my  historical gowns,as well as a brief history of the people who wore them. Integral to the event is a display of four costumes on mannequins with headdresses, fans, underwear and jewellery as well as a personal appearance by King Henry VIII.  Costumes for Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots and Anne Boleyn are included. 

Marie Antoinette – what she wore to the Revelution – I am currently producing a new talk for 2016.  It is about Fashion and Queen Marie Antoinette.  My 18th Century inspired costumes will include a pink patterned silk corset and panniers, La Reine Chemise worn with a pretty Bergere hat and and a fabulous court gown worn with an amazing wig.  This talk should be available late this year.

Enter the World of Jane Austen – Regency Costume – A very interesting, lively, humorous and informative lecture  by Julia Soares-McCormick about the design and construction of gowns worn during the Regency period. Beautifully costumed mannequins will accompany the talk.  Included are an ornate gold-encrusted court gown inspired by clothes worn by Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte –  A very pretty white cotton afternoon dress fit for Jane Austen worn with bonnet, chemisette and spencer. Also included is  a sumptuous  lilac silk ballgown embellished with gold and lilac guipure lace  – it is worn with a turban, fan and gloves  – a stunning outfit fit for the Netherfield Ball! Underwear and accessories worn during this period will also be included.

Enter the World of Jane Austen

Enter the World of Jane Austen

 Tudor Fashion Shows – My exciting show includes a number of superb costumes I have designed worn by four models. They are accompanied by beautiful period music, a brief history of each historical figure and a talk about the design and construction of each costume. Our show includes Mary Queen of Scots taking off her velvet robes to reveal her elegant execution gown. Costumes include Henry VIII in full regalia, Elizabeth I Gold Silk Gown, Anne Boleyn Blue Silk Dress, King  James I Court Costume,Catherine Howard Pink Silk Dress, Jane Seymour Silver Silk Costume, Orange Tudor Masquerade Gown,Period Underwear and two Mary Queen of Scots dresses – a Peacock Blue Court Gown and a costume inspired by clothes worn by Mary for her execution.The Show provides a glamorous and different entertainment for Stately homes and in fact any type of special eventThe talks/shows last about one hour – we are happy to include a ‘Question and Answer’ Session at the end.

Costume Displays – We are happy to present a stunning displays of black mannequins beautifully attired in my reproduction clothing complete with all accessories including headdresses, fans and masks. A descriptor of each costume will be included.

No location is too large or too small – too old or too new  – we are very happy present our popular events in a very diverse range of locations – from a small room in a village hall to the magnificence of the Tournament Gallery in the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

Venues for our Period Fashion Shows include the Queens Hall in Edinburgh(for the SWRI) and Trinity College Kirk (for Edinburgh Festival of Museums). We have also presented events for libraries (Newcastle, Wallsend, Stockton and Carlisle) and womens groups including the WI. 

We have presented a large number of costume events for venues throughout the UK  including Army and Navy Club in London and The Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh.  We have also presented costume displays for English Heritage at Belsay Hall, at Raby Castle and the Royal Armouries in Leeds.  

I have also been included in the lecture programme for Lauriston Castle near Edinburgh and have been featured on BBC Look North and Radio Newcastle as well as a number of publications.

My fabulous costumes bring history to life. 

If you are interested in my work and would like to book an event or require more information please do not hesitate to contact me at – I will respond within 24 hours.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. Rosie Harden-Vane says:

    Your talks have been recommended to me, please send details of you fees, and an idea of what you could put on for us in 2017 or 2018. We are Seaton Valley Wi and we meet in Seaton Delaval.
    Many thanks,
    Rosie Harden-Vane
    Seaton valley WI

  2. Andrea Crowe says:

    My mum 8s always looking for speakers for her WI. Could I have done details please

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