Tudor Talk 10 June 2019

Tweet Join me Julia Soares-McCormick for an entertaining, lively and informative talk demonstrating the design and construction of my handmade reproduction gowns, and a brief history of the people who wore them, including Elizabeth I, […] Read more »

High Hair and Cosmetics

Tweet The second half of the 18th century is an era particularly identified with hair and makeup these became such potent symbols of aristocracy during the Enlightenment and French Revolution.   France was one of […] Read more »

Making Marie’s Robe

Tweet I thought you might enjoy reading about the history of this most beautiful gown and how I designed and made my lavish pink silk Robe a La Francaise.  Wrapping Gown When this most elegant […] Read more »

Queen of Fashion

Tweet My latest talk is titled ‘Marie Antoinette and What She Wore to the Revolution. My talk included a costume display consisting of reproduction 18th Century underwear  – chemise/shift, corset/stays and hooped underskirt called panniers. […] Read more »

The First Ladies

Tweet   On my recent trip to Canada and the USA I had the pleasure to visit a splendid exhibition called ‘The First Ladies at the Smithsonian’ in the National Museum of American History In […] Read more »

Marie Antoinette Talk

Tweet Today I presented my new talk ‘Marie Antoinette and What to she wore to the Revolution’ at the Primrose Centre in Jarrow for the University of the Third Age. This is the third time I have […] Read more »

Mr Darcy at Doncaster

Tweet   We presented my Regency Talk ’Enter the World of Jane Austen’ at the Mansion House in Doncaster yesterday afternoon.  Doncaster’s elegant Mansion House,a focus for civic pride, has dominated the High Street for […] Read more »