Castle Howard Costumes

I recently visited Castle Howard (June 2022) and they currently have a wonderful exhibition of film costumes so I thought I would share photographs of the costumes and the information included in the exhibition. The picture above is still from the TV series the ‘Buccaneers’ in 1995 taken outside beautiful Castle Howard.

Evening Dress – similar to dress worn in Lady L 

The dress sadly appears to have been lost to time, but this dress is similar in style to the one worn by Sophia Loren in the film. It is characteristic of evening dress worn in the 1900’s, is sumptuous.

Light coloured fabric, with a tightly corseted, with a tightly corseted narrow waist an short bust sleeves to create a top heavy silhouette.

Robe a Anglaise worn in Barry Lyndon (1975)

The height of the fashion of the 1770’s, the robe a anglaise features a bodice with an attached overskirt parted in front to revel a matching petticoat. The distinctive wide hipped shape of the skirt is created using panniers and hip pads.  Here the petticoat is a recent addition, as skirts often suffer from wear during filming.

Evening Dress worn in the Buccaneers (1995)

Worn by Conchita ‘Connie’ Closson (Mia Sorvino) for the Christmas Ball at Longlands. Filmed at Castle Howard, this elegant gown epitomises fashionable style of the 1870’s.

The focus is on the back of the skirt, with bustles and ruffled petticoats used to create the distinctive silhouette.

Morning Dress with sash and garter Star; part worn in Victoria (2016)

The fashionable wide-skirted silhouette of the 1830’s relied upon a series of undergarments: a tightly laced corset, multiple layers of petticoats, plus a padded bustle to push out the skirt at the back.

Victoria (Jenna Coleman) wears black in the series filmed at Castle Howard as she was in mourning for her uncle, William IV.

Dress and Cape inspired by Bridgerton (2020)

Created by costumier Adrian Lillie, this ensemble is inspired by the outfit Daphne (Phebe Dyvenor) wears on arrival at Clyveden. The dress is typical of the high waisted neo- classical style typical of the early decades of the 19th Century, worn with a hooded travelling cloak.

Frock coat, waistcoat and breeches, inspired by Bridgerton (2020)

Inspired by the outfit worn by Simon (Rege-Jean Page) on arrival at Clyveden, this ensemble was created for the exhibition by costumer Adrian Lillie. The high collared frockcoat is worn over a paisley jacquard waistcoat and matching cravat, this outfit is completed with black breeches and riding boots.

Shirt, jumper and trousers, part worn in Brideshead revisited (1981)

This outfit was worn by Sebastian (Anthony Andrews ) when he first takes Charles to see his family home of Brideshead, The light coloured clothing and cable knit jumper demonstrate the influence of sporting attire for tennis and cricket on casual menswear in the 1930’s.

Shirt, vest and trousers, part worn in Brideshead Revisited (1981)

Worn by Charles Ryder (Jeremy irons) during his first visit to Brideshead with Sebastian, and their picnic of wine and strawberries, this outfit reflects the casual style of men’s fashions in the 1920’s. While suits were worn for formal occasions, knitted sweaters and soft collared shirts were popular during the daytime.

This wonderful display was included in the entrance price of Castle Howard and it is well worth a visit – I highly recommend it! The exhibition runs until the end of October 2022.






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