Royalty at Queens Hall

Last night we presented a fabulous Tudor Fashion Show of Kings and Queens in Costume at the aptly named Queens Hall in Edinburgh.

What a fabulous venue – a wonderful location for a show – lighting, stage, sound and backstage facilities all superb – it was a pleasure to present a show in this hall.

300 members of the SWRI (Scottish Womens Rural Institute) attended the Show – what a lovely group of ladies and what an excellent sense of humour.

Henry VIII’s codpiece was the inevitably the centrepiece of the event – this infamous King arrived on stage to rapturous applause and general merriment which continued throughout the Show.

I think my husband (as King Henry) really enjoyed the attention of so many ladies  – very in keeping with the King he portrayed – I was quite jealous!

The event was followed by a very interesting question/answer session and a photo shoot which everyone enjoyed.

I would like to thank Isobel and Raymond for all their help with the evenings entertainment.

My son James who modelled the costume for King James VI is leaving to study an MA in London in two weeks so it was his last show. I am so pleased it was such a success – I wish him good luck and would like to thank him for all his help over the last few years.

Everyone including us had a superb time – we would love present an event for the SWRI again.




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  1. Julia says:

    I have just received this message

    From: wilma nicholson
    Subject: SWRI show

    Message Body:
    What an excellent show. We did enjoy it – the history of events made the costumes so real – good luck in the future – hope I will be able to see another show. Wilma at Eddleston WRI Peeblesshire Federation.

    • Julia says:

      Thank you for your good wishes and excellent comments – hope to see you at more events in the future.

    • Katy says:

      The Show looks so exciting – fabulous costumes and in a wonderful theatre. I have visited Edinburgh – it’s a great place steeped in history – just the right venue for historical costumes.

  2. Marai says:

    My God – what a costume event- the gowns and robes are fab – wish I could wear them!

  3. Teresa says:

    What a Show – it looks amazing. I enjoy anything connected to ‘The Tudors’. I especially love the Mary Queen of Scots ‘Red Silk Gown’ – what drama – she is my favourite 16th Century character – I am hoping you will present another show in Yorkshire so I can come and see the gown myself.

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