Elizabeth I Costume to Publicise Production

My fabulous Elizabeth I Costume has been used on a new poster to publicise a forthcoming theatrical production which is to take place in Jesmond in Newcastle on Tyne..

This eye-catching costume has been created in gold embroidered silk and is worn with a fabulous ruff created of gold lace and silk organza. A ornate gold headdress of damask has been created of pearls and jewels. It is worn with pearls and fabulous jewel necklace.

It is an opulent gown that perfectly portrays the image of the most famous monarch of all – Queen Elizabeth I   !!.


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  1. Sara Cameron says:

    I have always liked Elizabethan costumes.This gown is lovely with it’s jewels, gold lace and ruff. – it reminds me of outfits worn by Judi Dench as the Queen in ‘Shakespeare in Love’ – fantastic.

  2. Sue Davies says:

    This is an amazing costume for Elizabeth – I have always been interested in her and have read a lot about her life. It’s great to see her dress – I hope to see it in one of your Shows!

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