Henry VIII leaves Gosforth

Today was the last day of my display at Gosforth Library.

My Henry VIII Costume has been on display with period accessories for the past month.

I would like to thank everyone who has been to see my costume and accessories and given such good feedback.

There have been some excellent comments: –

The Library and Information Officer said “the display has gone down brilliantly at Gosforth” and “we have had so many people looking at it and enjoying the books that we have put out on display”.

Sandi, who lives near the library, said she thinks “the Costume is amazing”. She said she has always wanted to go to Hampton Court to see the home of  Henry VIII but has never managed to visit.  Sandi has decided to travel London at the end of this month to finally see Hampton Court – she said my costume has inspired her to go.

I am glad the costume has made such an impact  – I have even been asked the price of the Henry VIII Costume as somebody would like to buy it!

A member of staff at Gosforth Library said that there has been a great deal of interest and lots of favourable comments. He said that a number of people said they would have liked to talk to me in person about my work. So next time I present a display I will try to be available at the display to answer questions.

Some of the visitors to the library who viewed my costume apparently asked if it was “the  actual costume that was worn by Henry VIII”  in the 16th Century. I am pleased they thought it was good enough to be taken for the original however I think it would look a bit older and tattier if it had survived!

So a big thank to everyone who viewed my costume – I appreciate all the comments and feedback.

If you are interested in booking a display of my costumes please have a look at the costumes/displays section of my website.

Below is a picture of my husband with typical stern King Henry expression standing next to his Henry VIII Costume!

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  1. Lesley Wilde says:

    The Henry VIII Costume is perfect

  2. Zona Gardner says:

    What is the name of the ‘royal necklace’ he wore and where can I find one?

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