Interview with Julia

Interview with Costume Designer Julia Soares-McCormick:

 I have just had a fantastic article published about my life and work in tonight’s copy of  ‘The Journal’.

The Journal is a very popular and well read newspaper published in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I was interviewed by Jane Hall  – a local journalist from Tynemouth a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed chatting to her about my life and work.

Hope you enjoy reading it. 


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  1. watts, kitty says:

    I love your dresses! Do you sell them or where might i get one?

    • Julia says:

      Hi Kitty

      Nice to hear from you – really pleased you like my costumes.

      I am sorry but I am not selling any of my dresses at the moment – they are in constant use for talks, period fashion shows and displays.

      I would also like to accept commission’s for gowns however am too busy presenting events – if the situation changes I will be in touch with you straight away.

      In the meantime you can contact ‘Angels The Costumier’ is based in London – they sometimes sell Tudor clothes.

      Hope you find the costume you require.

      All the best


      • Sue says:

        It is amazing to think that all these costumes have been created by hand – I think you create some amazing dresses – I love the accessories as well.

  2. Alice says:

    Wow what beautiful theatrical costumes – I would love to see them in a show!

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