Broadcast from Belsay

Please listen to my interesting and informative interview at Belsay Hall  – it was broadcast today on Radio Newcastle.

I was dressed as Anne Boleyn and showed presenter Simon Logan a selection of my Tudor costumes which are currently on display until Sunday 27th May 2012, (for more information please read my post  ‘Tudor Display at Belsay’ ).

My Blue Anne Boleyn Gown (pictured left) has a gold damask underskirt and sleeves with white silk puffs.  I also wore a black velvet French Hood, matching jewellery and a Peacock Feather Fan.

Hope you enjoy listening to my interview!

Radio Newcastle Interview May 2012


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  1. Angela says:

    Hi – Really enjoyed listening to your broadcast from Belsay – will try to get to one of your shows – costumes sound fab!

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