Royal Armouries Event

I would like to remind you that we are presenting a ‘Tudor Fashion Show’ with music at the Royal Armouries in Leeds next Friday 6th April 2012 at 12 noon.

The Royal Armouries is Britain’s national museum of arms and armour.

At the Leeds Museum there are over 8,500 objects on display in five galleries: War; Tournament; Oriental; Self Defence and Hunting.

Visit the newly refurbished Tournament Gallery and experience the might of Henry VIII – king and sportsman.

Our Fashion Show is part of the ‘Tudor Times’ events at  Easter which include jousting and an extensive reenactors market.

My new silver silk ‘ Queen Jane Seymour’ gown is currently on display until 6th April  in the entrance hall of the Royal Armouries if you would like to view it.

Our exciting event includes appearances by King Henry VIII in full regalia, Queen Anne Boleyn. Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots in her execution gown and a new silk gown for ‘Queen Katherine Howard’.

I have included a picture of my Elizabeth I costume worn in the Tournament Gallery beside a portrait of King Henry VIII.  It is worn by Adele one of the managers at the Armouries, she was kind enough to model it for photo shoot to advertise the show, thank  you Adele.

The event is free and everyone is welcome.

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