Splendour in South Shields

Today we presented our Regency Talk – Enter the World of Jane Austen’ for the U3A – The University of the Third Age – We had had a number of bookings for the U3A and always enjoy presenting events for them.

We presented out talk in a large spacious hall in the centre of South Shields. 

The U3A is an organisation was established in South Tyneside in 2001 – it’s motto is ‘Friendship , Fun and Learning’. It was certainly fun meeting all the lovely members.

South Tyneside U3A offers many opportunities to explore new interests, expand old ones and learn something different. Learning for fun rather than qualifications or exam results.
They say it is never too late to learn and research has shown that remaining active; both mentally and physically; is hugely beneficial to our health and happiness in later years.
Members share their skills and life experiences with a wide range of activity groups all organised by members themselves.

There were over 100 people who attended my talk- a mix of men and women- they were a lot of members keen to speak to me and have a close look at my costumes   The ladies all said they really enjoyed it – I also had a couple of gentlemen state they found it very interesting – success indeed as I don’t usually have a lot male interest in costumes!

Part of my talk mentions the undergarments of regency ladies – I include a chemise, corset and pantalettes – which were the first type of knickers ever worn!  They were two tubes of fabric which were based on men’s trousers.  They were separate legs and not joined at the top at all – a lady at my talk mentioned that the term a ‘pair of knickers’ might have originated when the knickers were separate legs and she is probably right!

The group were very hospitable and friendly.  I would like to thank Cheryl who booked me for all her help. She also asked me for information regarding my new talk ‘Marie Antoinette and what she worn to the Revolution’ which is I will be presenting for the first time later this year.

We really enjoyed visiting the U3A and look forward to visiting them again.


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