St Bedes Surprise

Today we presented a ‘Tudor Talk’ for St Bede’s RC Primary School in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear.

Our talk included a display of exciting costumes complete with headdresses, hats, fans and jewellery.

I removed a beautiful Orange Silk Court Gown to reveal the underclothes worn by a royalty during this period – a Tudor Corset, a Spanish Farthingale (hooped Underskirt), a chemise (a type of shirt) and a bum roll. Without these essential garments the shape of clothes of the period would have been impossible to achieve.

Included in the display were:-

A Beautiful Blue Silk Gown for Anne Boleyn complete with Hanging Sleeves, French Hood, Peacock Feather fan and famous ‘B’ Boleyn Necklace.

A Gold Silk Elizabeth I Gown with ‘Queen’s Sleeves’, Ornate jewellery, Gold Headdress and Magnificent Ruff.

A Costume inspired by clothes worn by Mary Queen of Scots for her execution at Fotheringay Castle. A Black Velvet Robe was removed to reveal a Brightly Coloured Silk Gown. Also included were a white silk ‘Mary Stuart’ cap and Gold Rosary.

Our talk included a history of the life and times of each historical character as well as a description of the clothes and accessories worn during the 16th Century.

I mustn’t forget the magnificent surprise appearance by King Henry VIII in full regalia talking about his life and times as King of England.  All the children were very excited to meet a such a famous King as ‘Henry’ in person!

After the talk we held a very interesting and informative question and answer session for the pupils – they were also able to put on the headdresses and try out a number of the Tudor accessories.

The children at St Bede’s School were polite, well behaved and very interested.

They all enjoyed our entertaining and informative talk as our costumes bring history to life!

Comments received from their Teacher included: –

‘ They were very excited to talk about all of the stories and costumes you shared with us’.

 ‘The children thoroughly enjoyed your talk today’

‘You both really brought the Tudors to life for them!’

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  1. erin says:

    Thank you Julia – its Erin from Year 4/5 – we had a brilliant time thank you so much for that experience.

    It has been a great inspiration for us all – again thank you.

    King Henry you looked fabulous like the dresses – Henry and Julia you made our day!

  2. joshua says:

    Thank you Julia the costumes were amazing – we loved it and enjoyed asking all those questions – from Joshua at St.Bedes in Year 4/5 – once again thank you.

  3. Georgia says:

    Looks like a fabulous talk for Schools – which they’d had this when I was teaching – I would definitely have booked your event.

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