A Tudor Xmas Treat


My lovely step- daughter Kerry bought me some wonderful Christmas Decorations for my tree this year.

They are hand-made, very beautiful costumed figures based on a Tudor Theme and I absolutely love them.

They are so exquisite I don’t want to place them on the tree and then put them in storage for the remainder of the year –  I will display them in my home all year round.

My figures include a very regal King Henry VIII, all his six wives and a beautifully decorated Red Tudor Rose.

These beautiful figures are designed in London and completely handmade in Thailand and India.

These decorations are made using the traditional method of zari embroidery. Zari – meaning gold – originated in the Surat district of Gujarat in the 16th century and is a weaving technique that traditionally used precious metal wires and jewels. Zari work is a rare and respected craft, the skills of which are handed down from generation to generation.

They have been created from velveteen fabric are padded and have been decorated with gold braid, lace, beads, pearls, sequins, brocade,bugle beads, sequins, rhinestones, brocade fabric and drop pearls.  They are also stitched with metallic cord, gold ribbon and fur fabric. The figures are also beautifully hand stitched around the edges.  All the wives are all about 6 inches high – Henry VIII is slightly taller.










Henry VIII wears a sumptuous red gown with a gold trim.  His white/silver brocade doublet decorated with gold/red ribbon.  Henry has a jerkin of blue edged with silver, a gold garter and red Tudor shoes. His costume is finished with a splendid bonnet edged with white fur and jewels. A very regal King Henry VIII!






Queen Katherine of Aragon is wearing a rich scarlet red velvet gown – it is edged with metallic cord and scattered with gold spangles.  She wears a beautiful gold brocade underskirt covered with gold netting. Katherine’s bodice is embellished with gold bead/pearl edging and a gold cross pendant. She also wears a gold cross necklace.  Her hood is scarlet velvet trimmed with a biliment (edging) which matches her headdress.  Her lovely sleeves edged with pearls and beads complete this attractive outfit










A lovely deep green velvet gown is worn by Queen Anne Boleyn.  Her dress is sewn with pearls and embellished with silver spangles sewn with silver bugle beads. Anne’s bodice is decorated with lattice stitching and silver thread embroidered round the neckline.   She has silver cord girdle, diamond ring and a very pretty crystal necklace hung with the famous letter  ‘B’ for Boleyn.  Anne’s outfit is  completed with a velvet french hood trimmed with pearls and silver spangles – truly an elegant outfit for someone as fashionable as Queen Anne Boleyn.










Queen Jane Seymour wears a lovely dark blue velvet bodice with criss-cross threads and purple velvet skirt edged with gold metallic lace.  She has white sleeves and an  underskirt (not shown in this picture) covered with gold/white lace. It is embroidered with very attractive tiny iridescent purple seed beads. Jane wears a gold pendant set with an amethyst stone on her bodice and a pretty gold and jeweled necklace around her throat. Her headdress has been made of dark blue velvet edged with gold braid, spangles and set with tiny seed pearls. A lovely outfit for a Queen!










The costume worn by Anne of Cleves is very different to those of Henry’s other Queen. She arrived in England dressed in the fashion of her native country. Anne wears a pale blue high waisted dress embellished with gold cord, spangles and tiny gold beads.  Her dress has a stomacher made of lace and is set with a sparkling jewel. She has a white lace collar and hanging sleeves edged with gold.  Her outfit is completed with headdress of gold/white lace decorated with tiny gold beads, gold tassel and cord –  a splendid outfit for a new Queen!










This very pretty gown is worn by Queen Katherine Howard. It has been made in cream velvet  – it is edged on the sleeves and underskirt (not shown) with silver braid. She wears a very attractive gold/pearl rope around her neck as well as a choker with a drop pearl.  Katherine’s bodice is embellished with cream stitching, diamond jewel buttons and a high white collar with pearl at the neck. Her headress is cream velvet edged with silver – her outfit is completed with gold lace edging on her sleeves.  A very pretty gown indeed!










Queen Katherine Parr was the last of Henry’s Queens however her dress is no less sumptuous. She wears a very regal purple velvet gown lavishly embellished with gold trimming and cord.  The underskirt is embellished with gold and tiny gold beads and bows.  Her high necked gown is edged with an elegant gold lace net collar. Katherine wears a lovely bead necklace hung with a sapphire coloured jewel.  Her bonnet is in matching purple and edged with pearls and blue jewels.  Katherine’s ornate and queenly gown is completed with a gold and sapphire girdle. A very regal costume!










This lovely ‘ Tudor Rose’ has been created in red velvet.  It has been hand sewn with gold threads and tiny pearl iridescent bugle beads. It is beautifully edged with gold cord and green metallic thread.  A gold cord is attached for hanging.

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of my wonderful gifts.

Thanks again Kerry!

If you have enjoyed reading this article please send me a comment  – it has taken me quite a while to write and it would be lovely to know that you enjoyed reading it – thank you! 



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  1. Floyd says:

    Very interesting info – I just love these figures.

  2. Kenny says:

    What wonderful Xmas presents – they are beautiful.

  3. angela says:

    Excellent pressie Julia. Kerry will be hard pushed to top that one next Christmas

  4. kerry says:

    It was my pleasure x

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