Wonderful Wallsend

Last night we presented our ‘Tudor Fashion Show’ for North Tyneside Council at Wallsend Library .

The event included a selection of my 16th Century inspired costumes with appearances by Mary Queen of Scots, James I, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard and others.

Wallsend Library is a beautiful spacious building with excellent facilities – I am pleased to say the the show was a sell out  –  there were no tickets left.

The event included a short interval with an opportunity to indulge in a cool glass of white wine.

The show included a presentation of my new’ Catherine Howard Masquerade Costume’. This gown has been designed in deep pink rose silk embellished with gold plated jewels/embroidery and beads. It is worn with a chemise and a beautiful ‘French Hood’ – a new necklace has also been created to match the gown.

The evening concluded with a very interesting question and answer session – a part of the show everyone really enjoys.

We discussed a diverse selection of topics including history, jewellery construction, costume design and fabrics. It was great to chat to so many lovely people who are interested both in Tudor costume and history.

Frequently asked questions included:-

  • How did ladies from the Tudor Court manage to go to the toilet wearing such elaborate gowns?
  • Where do you store your costumes and how do you transport them?
  • Where do you buy your fabrics?
  • Do you design and construct the jewellery worn with the costumes?
  • How did the Tudor courtiers keep their clothes clean?

I have to admit that a particular remark pleased me immensely. A gentleman at the show said ‘I have to be honest – my wife made me come  to the show’ he added ‘however I really enjoyed it and am very pleased I came!’

Here are some of the comments about the Show we have just received from Wallsend Library.

Very interesting and enjoyable.

-Everything was fantastic, couldn’t do better.

-An excellent show. I really enjoyed it and would love to see more similar events.

-Marvellous.  Could not do anything to improve it.  Well worth seeing. She must be truly dedicated – and hubby, of course!

-Brilliant.  Interesting talks, wonderful beautiful costumes. A very pleasurable evening. Thank you.

-It was very good. I was amazed by the detail on the clothes, and the models acted their roles beautifully – particular mention of Elizabeth.

-Excellent presentation, very interesting, fabulous costumes.

-Very interesting and informative with excellent models. Most enjoyable.

-A really excellent, entertaining and informative evening. The costumes were amazing. They brought the Tudor period to life. Thanks.

-It was brilliant. I loved it. Very informative and visually stunning.

-Excellent. Really enjoyed the evening. The detail was amazing. The models played their part so well.

-Fabulous. One of the best I have attended.

-Lovely costumes. I like the way the room is set out.

-Very interesting and informative, music added to the atmosphere. Because the models walked slowly and showed off items of clothing, we were able to get a good view of them. Whilst still retaining    the models’ modesty, it would be interesting to describe the clothes as they were being removed or put on.  Excellent needlework. Thank you for a wonderful display.

-A brilliant show – very professionally done!  Exquisite costumes. We had a great night.

I would just like to thank all the staff at the library for all their help in making the event such a success and particularly Joanna who booked the show.

I am pleased everyone enjoyed it so much – we would love to present an event at Wallsend library again.



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  1. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for a splendid evening at Wallsend Library last night. I attended with a friend and we were both delighted with the show. The quality of your gowns is unbelievable, and the commentary interesting – I learned a lot from it.

    We hope to see your presentation again and bring with us friends we know will be equally impressed.

    Kind regards and thank you again for taking the trouble to put the show together so well.


  2. Julia Soares McCormick says:

    I am really pleased you enjoyed the show

    Thank you for your generous comments

    Look forward to seeing you at future events

    All the best


  3. Catherine Peters says:

    I have really enjoyed reading about your show – my favourite costume is the blue silk Anne Boleyn outfit.- I really like the hanging sleeves – The French Hood is really pretty as well – an amazing outfit!

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