Waterloo Weekend

Regency Costume DisplayFollowing the success of my Tudor Fashion Show at the Royal Armouries in Leeds I was asked to present a number of costume events over the months of May and June this year.  My Regency Costume Talks with display were included to commemorate the bi-centenary of the battle of Waterloo which took place in 1815.

My talk is called ‘Enter the World of Jane Austen’ – costumes included in my display were inspired by clothing which would have been worn about the time of the Battle of Waterloo.

We presented our talks at 2pm on both days in the ‘War Cinema’ –they were well attended and we had an enthusiastic audience on both occasions. They particularly enjoyed my ‘regency bonnet tutorial’ – I explained how to make a very attractive bonnet in a couple of hours from an inexpensive straw hat!

We also had time to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the battleground which were brought to life to celebrate the 200th anniversary of one of Britain’s greatest military triumphs.

Stunt riders from Goole-based Atkinson Action Horses were at the Royal Armouries to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo starting on Saturday. Stunt rider Mark Atkinson, from Atkinson Action Horses performed with horse Jonny (who also was seen in the popular TV series Poldark). The team were at the Armouries this weekend – June 20 and 21, showcasing cavalry fighting techniques used at Waterloo amid black-powder firings.

Actors dressed as Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte provided a comedy touch. A tiny –Napoleon Bonaparte in a ‘Punch and Judy’ style booth as well as a very tall Lord Wellington in stilts and very large boots – a very amusing pair!

The Royal Armouries also hosted a parade by members of The Yorkshire Regiment on the anniversary of battle, June 18, as well as dramatic productions, study groups and not forgetting our Regency Costume Display.

It was very busy on both days so both the Royal Armouries and ourselves had a very successful weekend – it is certainly worth a visit! Our thanks to Rachel – the Events Manager for all her help and support in presenting our events – we certainly enjoyed presenting our talks and meeting all the visitors!

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